Swiss Vocational Education and Training Study Trip

On this one-week exploration of the Swiss VET system, discover the secret to Switzerland’s skill development success. With it’s dual-track apprenticeship model, Switzerland has become the most competitive country in the world.

As one of the cornerstones of the Swiss economy, the vocational education and training system stands as an example of skills focused model for creating a competent workforce. Discover the Swiss VET system first-hand by visiting companies that train apprentices in practical skills, vocational schools that teach young people academic skills, and the institutions and government bodies that make it all happen.

Our partnerships with the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training allows you exclusive access to the experts and decision makers of the VET system, as well as insights into how the system could translate to your region.

Join this inspiring and insightful trip to the most competitive country n the world and learn about the secrets to its success.

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