The Swiss VET System - 250 Options

The Swiss VET System - 250 Options

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Most young people in Switzerland choose vocational education. What happens next?

Course Description

With one of the world's lowest youth unemployment rates, Switzerland must be doing something right. Many attribute this success to the dual track vocational education system, which has provided young people with the skills they need to enter the workforce by combining classroom-based study with apprenticeship training received at the workplace. Whether you're a new arrival in Switzerland or someone from abroad interested in the complexities of the Swiss VET system, this course will help you answer some basic questions: How does the system function? Is there a secret to its success in Switzerland? 

Is the system replicable in other countries? And will it be able to withstand the current economic technological and demographic changes? Or might even be the key to addressing  some of these challenges?

Find out more in this course. 

Learning Objectives

You'll learn about:

  • How young people pick their apprenticeship path
  • The different occupations that are available
  • How apprenticeship spots are made available
  • Facts about obscure occupations




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